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Storm Science Network Inc. has reformatted the 2020 National Tropical weather conference.  We are not canceling the conference.  We are going LIVE with all the content and more.  Instead of a three day conference.  We have committed to bringing our registered attendees high quality content during the entire hurricane season.



March 14, 2020


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The National Tropical Weather Conference is the nation’s forum for professional training in hurricane preparedness for media and business. The two day conference covers all major aspects of hurricane preparedness, providing a unique opportunity to learn from top experts in tropical meteorology.


The setting for the conference is along the beach of South Padre Island, Texas the site of several hurricane landfalls including Beulah and Dolly.


Attendees come from around the country to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season.  Dr. Philip Klotzbach launches the conference with the current hurricane seasonal forecast.

The National Tropical Weather Conference offers 2 professional development credits to NWA and AMS broadcast members  and certificates to document participation in the conference.

Preparing for Hurricane Season

Professional Credit Available


Join Mark Sudduth on a journey into a new chapter in the "Tracking the Hurricanes" series.

Follow along as Mark develops new technologies, including the weather balloon project: HURRB and an unmanned camera system that would ultimately be put in to to use during hurricanes Hermine and Matthew in 2016.


The Storm Science Network Inc. is working to continue to provide the best content possible for our conference community.


Our LIVE CHANNEL will provide high quality content during hurricane season to use to prepare communities for hurricane and tropical storm impacts.



 Join the NTWC Live Channel here:

You should be a member of the media, NWS or emergency manager




Register for the conference. Your fee will be applied to the 2021 conference and you will get all the benefits of the 2020 conference FREE.




Who Should Attend?

• National and Local Broadcast Media

• Meteorologists

• Insurance Companies

• Private Industry

• Public & Private Utility Companies

• Oil and Gas Industry

• Fleet Operations Companies

• Marine Operations Companies

• Public Safety Officials

• Students



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