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Ed Rappaport is the Acting Director of NOAA’s National Hurricane Center (NHC). He became its Deputy Director in August 2000. His nearly 40-year career in meteorology comprises positions in forecasting, research, administration, management, academia and the media.


Dr. Rappaport is in his 30th year at NHC, where he began as a post-doctoral fellow for the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. He has since worked in all of NHC’s organizational components--front office, Hurricane Specialist Unit (HSU), Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch, and Technology and Science Branch (TSB). He issued hurricane forecasts for nine years and was the TSB Branch Chief before becoming Deputy Director. As Deputy, Dr. Rappaport also serves as Acting Director about one third of the year.


Dr. Rappaport is the operational co-chair of the United States Weather Research Program Joint Hurricane Testbed Steering Committee and the operational lead for the NOAA Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project. He chairs the Working Group for Hurricane and Winter Storm Operations and Research, facilitating agreements between federal agencies on annual updates to the National Hurricane Operations Plan.


He helps develop NHC’s long-term strategies and define and coordinate much of the organization’s annual planning and day-to-day execution of work and budget. He also provides hurricane update briefings to the media, emergency managers and other officials at all levels of government in this country and abroad.


Dr. Rappaport received his Ph.D. with an emphasis in Atmospheric Science from Texas Tech University. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Washington.


His numerous awards include the National Weather Service National Award for Leadership. He has received a Department of Commerce Bronze medal for applied research. He has shared in four Commerce Department Gold Medals—including as a forecaster during Hurricane Andrew, two NOAA Administrator's Awards for technical developments, two Bronze Medals for project management and the National Hurricane Conference Neal Frank Award.


Dr. Rappaport has had numerous papers published in professional journals and books. He has served on scientific panels, presented papers at technical conferences, and provided public talks.



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