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Mr. Charles Neumann's entire 70-year (1946-2015) career has been in operational and research work connected primarily with tropical cyclones.  Retired from Federal government (NOAA) January, 1987 with 40 years service.  At the time of retirement, was Chief of the Research & Development Unit of the NOAA National Hurricane Center, Miami FL.   Previous work involved meteorological duties with U.S. Navy (active duty WWII and Korean Conflict), U.S. Air Force (civilian) and NASA.  Since retirement from NOAA, and until 2002 was employed by SAIC as a senior scientist.  Since 2002, he has been semi-retired but works on an ‘as needed’ basis for SAIC and as a consultant for various other private groups.  He has been using computers in research work since 1966.


Career highlights include: (1) being attached to the first organized Navy aircraft squadrons (1946-1947 and 1949-1953) conducting aircraft typhoon and hurricane reconnaissance; (2) developer of numerous global statistical and statistical-dynamical models for the prediction of tropical cyclone motion and intensity with some of these models still being in operational use at various worldwide forecast centers, (3) developer of global statistical models for the assessment of tropical cyclone risk and tropical cyclone strike probability; (4) Author of over 100 professional papers, mainly on tropical cyclone motion and (5) recipient of numerous awards in connection with model development. (6) Recipient of NOAA/NASA grant .


Mr. Neumann has received numerous awards. Some of these are:


1958: Cash award for development of three objective forecasting aids for Homestead AFB, FL.


1961: Air Weather Service Williams Award (Group Award) awarded to Homestead AFB Force Base Weather Detachment of which he was Chief Forecaster.


1968, 1970, 1971: Outstanding performance ratings or cash awards for computerizing operations of Miami Section of the  NOAA/NASA Spaceflight Meteorology Group and the development of objective aids for the Kennedy Space Center.


1971: Department of Commerce Silver Medal for "highly competent     skill and ingenuity in developing objective techniques for use in hurricane prediction".


1972: NOAA nominee, Federal Handicapped Employee of the Year.


1973: U.S. Department of Commerce nominee, Federal Handicapped Employee of the year.


1975, 1976: Outstanding performance ratings.


1977: American Meteorological Society Banner I. Miller Award as lead author of best published paper in tropical meteorology for 1976-1977.


1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983: Quality increase in pay or receipt of outstanding performance ratings while employed at National Hurricane Center.


1978: Recipient (as Chief of the NHC R&D Unit) of NOAA Unit Citation for the development of objective prediction aids for the Eastern Pacific Hurricane Center in San Francisco.


1981: Elected a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society.


1983: Recipient of American Meteorological Society Annual Award for Outstanding Contributions to Advance of Applied Meteorology.


1986: Recipient of Department of Commerce Gold Medal for "exceptional scientific achievement in statistical/dynamical track prediction modeling...."


1989: Recommendation by World Meteorological Organization that a Charles J. Neumann Award be established in recognition of sustained excellence in applied research in global aspects of tropical cyclones.


1997: Recipient of NOAA/NASA 3-year grant to revise Atlantic tropical cyclone database and to apply these data to a revised tropical cyclone risk model (HURISK).


Mr. Neumann has been associated with numerous professional activities.  Some of these are:


  Continuous Member, American Meteorological Society, since 1946.


  Secretary-Treasurer, Miami Branch, American Meteorological Society. 1968-69


  Chairman, Miami Branch, American Meteorological Society, 1977-1978.


  U.S. Delegate, USSR Academy of Science, XIV Pacific Science Congress, Khaborovsk, USSR, 1979.


  Invited Paper "Some Disturbing Trends in the Accuracy of Tropical Cyclone Forecasts", Perth, Australia, 1979.


  Member, Ad Hoc Committee on Research to Improve Tropical Cyclone Forecasting, Federal Coordinator, interdepartmental Committee for Applied Meteorological Research, Washington, D.C.


  Member, Program Committee, 12th AMS Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology, 1979, New Orleans.


  Member, Award Committee, 2nd AMS Banner I. Miller Award, 1979.


  Invited Expert, WMO Symposium on Typhoons, Shanghai, China, 1980.


  Member, AMS Committee on Tropical Meteorology for two terms, 1982-1986.


  Chairman, AMS 15th Technical Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology, 1984.


  Scientific lecturer on numerous occasions in connection with World  Meteorological Organization Training Programs.


  National Research Council Advisor in Post-Doctoral Associate Research Program.


  Invited Expert, First WMO International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones, Bangkok, Thailand,1985.


  Invited guest lecturer (2 weeks) at Shanghai Typhoon Institute, 1986.


  Chairman, 1986, NWS/NESDIS Committee on VAS Transition.


  Chairman, 1986, NOAA InterDepartmental Tropical Cyclone Research Committee.


  Invited Expert, 2nd WMO International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones, Manila, 1989.


  Co-editor, WMO Handbook on tropical cyclone prediction, 1990-1991.


  Invited expert, 3rd WMO International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones, Huatulco, Mexico, 1993.







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