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The National Tropical Weather Conference is the nation’s forum for professional training in hurricane preparedness for broadcast meteorologists. Attendees come from around the country. The conference covers all major aspects of hurricane preparedness, forecasting and research, providing a unique opportunity to learn from top experts in tropical meteorology. It also provides unique science content information for use in broadcasts.

2016 NTWC

The National Tropical Weather Conference offers 2 professional development credits to NWA and AMS broadcast members  and certificates to document participation in the conference.

#HurricaneStrong is a national hurricane resilience initiative to save lives and homes through collaboration with leading organizations in the disaster safety movement. The effort comes at a critical time as public awareness about hurricane readiness is declining due to fewer land-falling storms in the Atlantic.


The collaboration offers empowering hurricane safety and mitigation information through business summits, digital channels, events, home improvement store workshops, media outreach, school lesson plans, and a social media campaign featuring a #HurricaneStrong “Pose”.

Max Mayfield to Receive Robert and Joanne Simpson Medal

Mayfield began his forecasting career with the United States Air Force in 1970, after graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor's degree in mathematics, serving as a first lieutenant until 1972. In 1972, Mayfield joined the National Weather Service as a satellite meteorologist. Mayfield earned his master’s degree in meteorology at Florida State University in 1987, becoming a hurricane specialist. Max became the director of the National Hurricane Center in January 2000 after the retirement of Jerry Jarrell. Mayfield received Gold medals for his work during Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and Hurricane Isabel in 2003. He received a silver medal for work done during Hurricane Gilbert in 1988. In 1996, the American Meteorological Society presented Mayfield the Francis W. Reichelderfer Award for his service in coordinating the National Hurricane Center’s hurricane preparedness training for emergency preparedness officials and the general public. In 2004, he received an Emmy Award for extraordinary contributions to television by someone not normally eligible for Emmy awards. In 2005, Mayfield became ABC News person of the week after Hurricane Katrina.



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